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"People don't have to be nice, and when they are...they don't have to be nice to you!"

I've often heard my pastor say these words, and I've always agreed. However, I've learned them FIRST HAND in the past ten months. How, you wonder? Allow me to share.

I had to have my hip replaced in August. It was quite painful, and I don't particularly like asking for help. However, I was quite needy. I needed my friends, family, church family, and sorors. And guess what? They were all there for me! My hubby took days off work to take me to appointments, my cousins flew and drove for hours to stay with me, my friends and sorors cleaned and cooked for me, and many came to visit and walk with me. They were all God-sent!!

Imagine my unfortunate surprise to fall and break my ankle and fibula on the right side AND spring my ankle on the left side, just SEVEN months later! I was bedridden for almost two months! It was worse than the hip replacement! Again, my family and friends were there for me. My sister sent me daily, encouraging texts, and my BFF cousin and Bestie Soror called me every day.


When I could focus, I started writing my newest book, EERNT! It is about sensory issues to sound, the MOST REQUESTED book from parents and children! It takes place in Tullahoma, Tennessee again, which is my hometown.

EERNT is a fun, informative book that children and adults will enjoy!

I am so grateful for my family, friends, church family, and sorors. Where would I be without their care, love, prayers, friendship, and encouragement? I THANK GOD for them, and I know I will start walking normally again soon. I'm moving slowly now, but with my amazing therapists and encouraging family and friends, I know I will participate in spinning classes, yoga on the floor, and maybe even Zumba again!

Truly, people didn't have to be nice to me, but I thank God they chose to do so!

Blessings to you all!!

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