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Gimme Six - Six Ways to Show Gratitude

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Looking around at the world today, we can easily become consumed by fear, dread, hatred, sorrow, and death. However, I choose to explore the good. What's good about anything, you say? Well, there's still plenty of good in our lives. In the following paragraphs, I will explore why we should be grateful.

Shelter: Do you find yourself wishing you had a bigger house, more bedrooms, more space, etc.? Let us be grateful for the houses/apartments/shacks/cottages/WHATEVER we have. People are living outside in tents-TENTS! They have no running water, electricity, a warm bed to sleep in, proper shelter, etc. Some of these homeless people have children and pets with them, too. How do I know? I help to feed and blanket them. Many are wonderful people who fell upon hard times and need a hand up. They may have anxiety and not trust staying in a shelter for various reasons, so they live in tents. If you have someplace to lay your head, be grateful!

Food: Are you able to eat whenever you're hungry and never worry about your next meal? If so, GREAT! However, there are folks out there that have no food to eat and have to rely on food banks, churches, places like the Salvation Army, etc., to put food on the table.

Family/Friends: Do you have family and friends? If so, show them some love. Tell them how much you care for them. Some people have no one to care for them. If they went missing today, no one would know. Sometimes, we may have difficult loved ones. Learn to accept them for who and what they are and love them anyway. If they aren't abusive, try to find the good in them, accept them, and find some common ground.

Spouse/Significant other: If you have a special someone in your life, be grateful! Instead of complaining and nagging your special someone, BE the person they want to come home to every day. Make your home a joyful place of love and happiness. If something were to happen to your spouse/significant other, you would miss them for a lifetime. So spend today loving them, for tomorrow isn't promised.

Health: My grandfather used to say, "If you have your health, you have EVERYTHING!" My mother used to think her dad had lost his mind with this kind of thinking. However, as she grew and matured, she learned that he was so right. What good is it to have a heap of money when you can't even walk in the mall to shop, take walks with loved ones, have a picnic in the park, go bowling, or even attend a church service or a sporting event? When you are healthy, you can move your body to do any and everything you want to do. However, when you are unhealthy, you can not. Be grateful for your health.

God: Last but not least, I am grateful to God for blessing me. He is MY everything!! Life hasn't been a bed of roses for me, but God has always been there for me through it all.

During this holiday season, just be grateful for what you have. If you have difficulty with that, just look around you. There are people much worse off than you are. Be grateful.

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