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Sensory Issues and Spirit Airlines...Who Knew I'd Still Be Teaching?

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

"LORD...You KNOW I am like a stereotypical blond! Please show me what to do. Li-Li is only15. Should I retire or not?" These are the words I cried out to God four years ago when I retired from teaching school. God IS faithful and showed me that it was time for me to retire. After my spending 27 years creating learning environments; teaching sweet children of all races, socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, family makeup, etc.; being a "mama at school" for those who needed one; tutoring students; being a detective when one of "my babies" was hurt or bullied; counseling students; and giving motherly advice to parents, I knew my time was up!

As you all know, I'm now a published author with a new book coming out in August! So,

what does all that have to do with Spirit Airlines? Well...I'm now a customer service agent, and I can fly cheaper! I can attend conferences from out of my state, go on vacations more, and live my retired life!

While working at Spirit, I've discovered that I'm still teaching! I'm old enough to be most of my co-workers' mothers! The working conditions are different, and I'm enjoying my young co-workers. They make me laugh every day! I have talked to them about sensory issues, neurodivergent people, the school system, obtaining evaluations, the importance of code-switching, respecting your body (your temple), life lessons, making sound decisions, etc. They are also teaching me about the new generation, and I'm learning to embrace change and different points of view. It is a win-win situation all around!

So, no! I am no longer teaching students, but I'm still teaching about life. My co-workers are teaching me that millennials aren't as terrible as depicted. I find them quite humorous and respectful of me. I KNOW I get on their nerves when I tell them what I think they should do, but they are lovely. Never once have they said, "You aren't my mama, Ms. Gin." I KNOW they really want to, though! LOL!!

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2 comentarios

05 jul 2022

Hi Gin,

Nice blog post. I enjoyed reading it and learning a bit more about you. I chuckled about the statement "millennials aren't as terrible as depicted." I also think it's so wonderful how you chose to be open minded and allow yourself to pursue other endeavors during your retirement.

Me gusta
Gin N-Spauld
Gin N-Spauld
14 jul 2022
Contestando a

Thanks Vee! I appreciate your reading my blog!!

Me gusta
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