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The Adventures of Li-Li

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Li-Li’s onto another adventure…a CHRISTMAS ADVENTURE! She and her crew (mama, Matt, and Ms. Mary Lynn) go to the zoo for Breakfast with Santa! The fun begins with the gorillas, delicious breakfast foods, and Santa, of course. Everything is going great until Ms. Mary Lynn becomes sick and asks Mama to care for Matt. Li-Li is happy to hang out with her friend Matt until…out of nowhere, he has a Matt Meltdown! Li-Li knows something is bothering Matt, but what? Why is he so upset?

Read It Stinks - A Christmas Story to find out why Matt has a Matt Meltdown and how mama and Li-Li help him.

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A Miracle at Bates Memorial

                BOOK 1

September 2018

A Miracle at Bates Memorial is the first book in The Adventures of Li-Li series. It introduces the readers to a young girl who has a difficult time communicating her wants and needs due to a sensory issue and a speech delay.  With patience and love from her parents, Li-Li is finally able to make her mom understand what she feels inside.  It is a true Miracle at Bates Memorial for Li-Li.

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Picture Perfect - NOT

            BOOK 2

March 2019

The second book in The Adventures of Li-Li series, Picture Perfect - NOT focuses on sensory issues with the visual system.

In Picture Perfect - NOT, Li-Li continually tries to communicate how much she hates having her picture taken and the displeasure she has with the whole process of smiling, the bright lights, having to pose, etc. With the help of amazing teachers, Li-Li shows her mother that picture taking isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay.

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     BOOK 3

October 31, 2019

If jumping around on Halloween is wrong, Li-Li doesn’t want to be right!

Li-Li is back! This time she is celebrating Halloween at her church’s annual community event, the Hallelujah party.  All she wants to do is keep jumping on the jumpy, but her mommy says it is time to go; other kids want to jump, too. She wants to listen to her mommy, but jumping is fun and feels so right.

Will Li-Li jump off the jumpy or will she have a LI-LI LETDOWN?

Book 3 pertains to proprioceptive and auditory sensory issues.

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No Kiss-No Hug

      BOOK 4

November 1, 2020

Li-Li loves many things like watching Dora, playing with her dog, reading lots of books, Pops's piggyback rides, and being with her family. But…there are two things she doesn’t like- KISSES and HUGS! Li-Li dislikes them more than anything! She and her family travel to Tullahoma, TN to visit her mema and pops, who LOVE kisses and hugs more than Christmas and birthdays! How can Li-Li tell mema and pops that she loves them, but not their kisses and hugs…WITHOUT having a Li-Li Letdown?

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